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Recommended Reads: Peer Instruction Part 1

By Julie Schell (Reposted 5/1/14 What is Peer Instruction?…in 2 mins)

Peer Instruction is a researched based highly engaged instructional strategy developed by Professor Eric Mazur in the 1990’s at Harvard University. It is implemented best in a flipped learning format, where students anticipate and prepare for deeper level learning during class time. This means that they engage with pre-class assignments (at home or in study groups) before class meets.

Julie Schell writes Turn to Your Neighbor, The Official Peer Instruction Blog. She is Director of OnRamps, an innovative dual-enrollment program at The University of Texas at Austin. She is also an Assistant Clinical Professor in the College of Education, where she teaches on Technology and Innovation. Check out her blog and this intro video on peer instruction.

“I can’t get my students to prepare for class…” is one of the most commonly discussed faculty challenges and frustrations. Peer Instruction, as an instructional strategy, (is not the silver bullet), has the potential to address this shared dilemma.

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