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Learning to learn 3: To write is to think

by Dr. Kelly Dietz

In her final of three podcasts, Dr. Dietz discusses the need to make explicit “practice space” for students in their learning. She shares how she employs a class blog to encourage a deeper engagement with course materials and a more collaborative learning environment in the classroom. The blog is designed as an informal space where students show and share their thinking with one another, and begin exchanging their initial ideas and questions about course materials before they discuss them in the classroom. Students become the primary source of ideas and information, while the professor is de-centered as the sole or even the main audience of their efforts. She argues that this imperfect expressive foray helps to free students up so that they are not only better prepared coming into class, but also more willing to speak and develop their ideas, with less pressure to know just what to say and exactly how to say it.

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