Susan Adams Delaney, “Encouraging Reflecting Thinking;” and “Supporting Students’ Reflective Thinking
Ruth Barber, “Citizenship Starts Right Here
Joslyn Brenton, “Planning Your Course: The Way Forward Through Backward Design;” and “Creativity
Kathryn Caldwell, “Connection, Identity, Consciousness, Care
Regi Carpenter, “Becoming Michelangelo
Radio Cremata, “Course Design: Small Moves, Big Impact
Sherry L. Deckman, “Engaging Students as Course Co-Constructors
Paul Dickson, “Reflections on Reflecting in Computer Science
Kelly Dietz, “Learning to Learn: Reading with purpose; Grappling with different perspectives; and, To write is to think
Carlos Figueroa, “‘Doing’ Leadership“and “Why Use Learning Reflective Journals as a Tool for Teaching?”
Ellie Fitts Fulmer, “Listening to the Silences;” and “Practitioner Inquiry and Course (Re)Design
Rob Gearhart, “Engagement, Engagement, Engagement: Three Rules of Online Teaching
Liz Kaletski, “How to prepare students for class: A teaching and learning reflection
Luca Maurer, “Finding Our Place: A New Semester
Christina Moylan, “Challenging Upperclassman Students to Make Meaningful Connections with the ‘Classify’ and ‘Headlines’ Instructional Strategies;” and “Changing Classroom Expectations: Realizing I Was Doing Too Much Work for Students
Wade Pickren, “Mentoring: Making it Mutual;” “Faculty Resilience in a Neoliberal Age;” and “Mutual Mentoring: Reciprocal and Contextual
Judith Ross-Bernstein, “What is your course ‘error climate”?;” “Student note taking: Laptop or hand?;” “Co-Creating Rules of Engagement;” “When the Going Gets Tough…;” “Course Policies and Learning Behaviors;” “FUBU: A Case for Mid-Semester Evaluations;” “Relationships at the Heart of Learning;” “Exploring Classroom Climate;” and “First Day of Class: Beginning the Marathon
Gordon Rowland, “The Arts of Questioning and Selling
Patricia B. Spencer, “In Service of Getting Messy
Mary Lourdes Silva, “Deep Reading in Digital Environments
Matt Thomas and Megan Martinez, “Calculus: An Implementation of Standards/Specifications Based Grading


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